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Wet Shaving Information

How to Shave?

If you are using cream (the easiest for beginners), you soak your brush and wet your beard, then give the brush a quick shake to remove excess water (you want it damp, not drenched), add a dollop of cream to the bowl, and swirl the brush around the bowl with a brisk motion until you have a thick cream, adding a little water (a few drops at a time), as needed.  Once you have a good lather, apply it in a swirling or painting motion to your face, and then shave using a very light touch. Rinse any lather off of your face, pat it dry, and add your favorite after shave.

It is the same for soaps, except instead of adding cream to the bowl, you swirl the brush on the soap puck for about thirty seconds.  If you want to learn more, we suggest checking out some of the great sites below.

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