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Vie-Long 13070 20mm Horse Hair Shaving brush with Olivewood Handle

Made with the finest horsehair available the Vie-Long 13070 combines a 20mm horsehair knot with a breathtaking Olivewood handle, to make one of the best brushes on the market today. Vie-long's horse hair is harvested without harming the animal, so it is an excellent choice for shavers who prefer to avoid boar and/or badger hair for ethical or religious reasons.

Product of Spain

Hair mix: 50% mane hair; 50% tail hair

Overall Length-100mm

Handle Length-40mm



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Buy Clear Lucite Brush Stand and Vie-Long 13070 20mm Horse Hair Shaving brush with Olivewood Handle.
This Item: Vie-Long 13070 20mm Horse Hair Shaving brush with Olivewood Handle
Clear Lucite Brush Stand
Customer Reviews
I used this for the first time tonight and was delighted. I'm a boar brush guy (I've no idea how many years it's been since I used a badger), so that's what I'll be comparing it to.
This is a fairly small brush, which is fine with me. I don't like long floppy brushes, especially since I have a mustache and goatee to lather around. It’s very attractive: the olive wood handle has beautiful grain and is polished as smooth as glass.
I soaked the horsehair in a bowl of warm water while I showered, and when I pulled it out I noticed that it holds water well. I shook out most of it since I had already added several drops to my tin of Stirling Black Cumin Orange, a lovely soap that unfortunately no longer seems to be available. The Vie-Long loaded it very quickly and efficiently, so efficiently in fact that I transferred considerably more soap to my bowl than I'm used to (hey, there's no such thing as too much product!) and began to whip it up. This brush has plenty of backbone to whip up a thick rich lather in about half a minute or so.

Lathering my face was the real test, and the Vie-Long passed with flying colors. With no break-in, this brush had zero scritch. It was soft and comfortable but had all the backbone that I'm used to enjoying in my boar brushes--which I'm afraid won't be seeing any use for a while. This brush is a real pleasure, and I can't imagine how it will get any softer or nicer after it's broken in.
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