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Royal Knight Starter Kit

Our Premium Horsehair shaving kit, The Royal Knight is similar to the less expensive White Knight, but with more luxury. The Royal knight includes Vie-Long's premium Horsehair brush, with a marbled Lucite handle (the same one used on their Silvertip badger brushes) and the softest horsehair tips Vie-Long makes. The Merkur Heavy Duty is one of the Most popular razors Merkur produces and combines convenient 2-piece design, with Merkur quality to provide exceptional shaves. The Cella soap is Tallow based, and one of the best loved soaps in the world. Finally, the Royal Knight includes a pack of mild shark blades, along with a pack of sharper Astra platinums, to better tailor your shave to your tastes, as well as a brush stand to keep your brush beautiful for years to come.



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