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Cyril R Salter Metal Hair Comb

Cyril R Salter is a respected English company specializing in fine men's grooming products. Metal hair combs are considered superior to ones of plastic, not only for their durability and good looks, but also because the metal teeth are gentler on the hair than plastic, causign els tugging and breakage.  This particular metal haircomb is of excellent quality, and comes packed in a protective plastic sleeve.

Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.25 in.


The Shavetools Scoop

-Why To Buy: metal combs are stylish, glide through the hair much better than plastic, hold up well, work very well with blow driers or in wet hair, and aren't going to break the bank.

-Why To Pass: They are  fairly plain combs, not even having Cyril Salter lettering on the comb its self ( just a UPC on the case), and are both more expensive than plastic, and less luxurious than natural horn. Likewise if you prefer brushes to combs, it is obviously a poor choice.

-Related Products: Cyril Salter also makes some very fine combs of natural horn, that are excellent choices, especially if you don't use a lot of water or product when you comb your hair.

-Hints And Tips: As long as you don't bend it too much (it will flex a bit, but trying to fold past that point will damage it) , the comb is extremely sturdy, and will stand up to blow driers, various chemical hair products,  without any issue. 

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