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Blade Sampler Pack, Exotic (8 brands, 50 Total Blades)

 A Selection of fifty double-edge razor blades from eight brands that are hard to find, provide a shaving experience that is different than the norm, or both. It is perfect for experienced shavers who want to try something unusual. Includes: 5 Feather, 5 Rapira Swedish Super Steel, 5 Polsilver,  5 Permasharp, 5 Bic chrome Plated, 5 Bolzano Superinox, 10 Dorco, and 10 Treet Carbon Steel Blades.


Shavetools Scoop:

Here is why we picked the blades we did.

-Feather blades were chosen for their famed sharpness.
-Rapira Swedish Supersteel were chosen as uncommon blades that are thicker and stiffer than the norm, and, because -Rapira makes excellent blades and these may even be made out of the famed Swedish steel.
-Polsilver blades are uncommon, highly desired, and have a well earned reputation for excellence, sharpness, and smoothness all in one blade.
-Permasharp Blades are popular, often difficult to find, and have a reputation as some of the smoothest shavers out there.
-Bic Chrome blades may use a chrome rather than the more common ptfe coating
-Bolzano Superinox just have a unique shave that is hard to quantify, but which their proponents agree sets them apart
-Dorco blades are exceptionally mild, probably the mildest bade out there.
-Treet blades are carbon steel, which sets them apart from nearly any other blade made in the last 50 years.


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