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At, we believe that while good grooming is an important part of modern life, that traditional products and methods not only provide superior performance and value to the overpriced, over-hyped, under-performing products lining the shelves of most stores, but that they are generally healthier, both for you, and for the planet. We're dedicated to providing you with the finest traditional men's grooming products available, because we believe that a great shave begins with the right tools.  That is why we only carry brands of safety razors, shaving creams,  shaving soaps, shaving brushes, aftershave, and other shaving and grooming products that we honestly beleive are high quality products.

When you shave with quality products like those made by companies such as:  Edwin Jagger, Merkur, Vie-Long S.L., Semogue, Musgo Real, Taylor of Old Bond Street (affectionately known as TOBS by many of its fans), Muhle, and others, shaving stops being a daily chore and turns into a daily pleasure that you can actually look forward to.